The Most Addictive Sounds

Ever wonder what the most addictive sounds are? What sounds make you stop what you are doing, turn your head or salivate as if you were Pavlov’s dog? According to Martin Lindstrom here they are, OR ARE THEY??:


Non-branded and branded sounds:
1. Baby giggle 
2. Intel
3. Vibrating phone
4. ATM / cash register
5. National Geographic
6. MTV
7. T-Mobile Ringtone
8. McDonald’s
9. ‘Star Spangled Banner’
10. State Farm

Top 10 Branded sounds:
1. Intel 
2. National Geographic
3. MTV 
4. T-Mobile
5. McDonald’s
7. State Farm
8. AT&T Ringtone
9. Home Depot
10 Palm Treo Ringtone

Top 10 Non-branded sounds:
1. Baby giggle
2. Vibrating phone
3. ATM / cash register
4. “Star Spangled Banner”
5. Sizzling steak
6. ‘Hail to the Chief
7. Cigarette light and inhale
8. “Wedding March”
9. “Wish Upon a Star”
10. Late Night with David Letterman Theme

Now, many people have commented on Martins list and I think many have a valid point so I wanted to make sure they were repeated.


Lest we forget, “By Mennen” and “Nah-bis-co! DING”


You’re kidding me, how does the Monday Night Football theme not make it on this list?


The author might want to call this article “The 10 most addictive sounds in the U.S.” Or did he walk around in Beijing and everyone correctly identified the David Letterman theme? If this study would have been done around the world, the cigarette lighter theme would have certainly beaten out the star spangled banner…


um where’s the theme from the #Simpsons! how could that have not made the list.


Are you seriously suggesting that we have don’t have our own sounds that are more popular/addictive/familiar to us than the following?

State Farm (don’t recognise) AT&T Ringtone (no idea what that is) Home Depot (no idea either) Palm Treo Ringtone (never heard of it) “Star Spangled Banner” (you can’t be serious) ‘Hail to the Chief’ (not our chief, sorry) “Wish Upon a Star” (are you kidding?) Late Night with David Letterman Theme (you think we have nothing better to watch? I don’t even get this anyway)


I’m guessing the vibrating “phone” was more addictive to women than to men?


Nokia ringtone should definitely be on the list: 

If you want the most recognizable song in the world instead of songs recognized in the U.S.A. you should scratch “Hail to the Chief” and “The Star Spangled Banner” and add “Happy Birthday to You”


What about the THX sound test they used to do in theaters? That was a powerful, powerful sound.


Seriously? How did the lightsaber sound from Star Wars not make it into this? If you go up to anyone, at least over the age of 6 (if not sheltered to much by parents), they would know what the lightsaber “woosh” sound would be.


I’d have to say that for me, this is the first time I’d ever heard any of the ringtones above. I wouldn’t have been able to recognize an ATM machine sound if it wasn’t labelled, either, ’cause I prefer not to use them (I actually walk into the bank and talk to the teller). I also don’t have any idea what that McDonalds or Home Depot sounds are supposed to be…were they used in commercials, ever? If you wanted to get an emotional response connected to McDonalds (for me) you could have played the “you deserve a break today” music or the “big mac” jingle. The sounds that I’m surprised aren’t here: the NBC chimes and the Star Wars opening theme. re: the MTV logo theme: it actually gave me chills/goosebumps to hear that again after so long.


The sound and recorded sound of a good romp.


The begining 5 seconds of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” must be added to this list



what about a fart?





Vibrating phone or pager still gets me salivating every time..LOL


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