Those who have helped me along the way.

There are people you get to know as you live your life, whether it is someone you have known your entire life, part of your life, or someone you talk to for a passing minute and never get to know their name (I know as often as I remember to ask someone for their name) 

 Whether they’re family, friends, aquaintences or those you work with as you develop your craft(s). People that take a little extra interest in what you do, what you are saying, where you have been, what you have done or wish to do, people who truly listen and are interested in not just your work but in you as a person, a human, just as you are interested in them help to create the person you are today or the person you aspire to be. 

I have been fortunate to have a beautiful, loving family.  To have friendships, both close and new.  People I have never met before, but have conversed with for hours to less than a minute have had a profound impact on who I am and how I view life and the world around me. 

I have worked with many talented and creative individuals. Artists and musicians of all ages and levels of experience. Some of these people I truly consider friends and not just associates or peers. Others I may never meet again.

I want to acknowledge those who have inspired me, pushed me, took a honest interest in not just my work but in me as a fellow human, just as I hope I have with them.

I know I could make two lists; Friends and Co-workers/Peers who are also friends, but that seems counter intuitive.

I will come back to this post on occasion and add a name I forgot to recognize or mention or to add a new individual that made an impact on my life or view of life. 

If you are someone that I described, but do not see your name here now….YOU WILL.

Know that I am forever grateful to you for your kindness, interest in me, my life and experiences. Our interaction, your inspiration, guidance and friendship has had a profound impact on the individual I am today and what I aspire to accomplish, where I wish to go, what I wish to experience.

In no particular order:

MY wife and best friend of 20 years, My Son, My Parents, My Brothers and extended family.  Chris Tanya Julie Ed and Jill Miller, Eric Laster, Mike “Bubba” Day, Max DeMaio, Glenn Palmer Smith, Kevin Kelly, Pat Carpenter, Marc “Goody” Goodman, Dave Way, Mitch Osias, Jon Mooney, Ming Chew, Mark “Capone” Brissett, Mike Schmidt, Alex Bogusky, Henry Hagerty, John Seymour, James, Debra and Jimmy Lawroski, Kerry Smith, Mike Boris, Rob Schwartz, Horace Madison, Gilde Flores, Mike Schmidt, Gordon Ancis, David Somerstein, Eric “DJ Bunny Ears” Johnson, Duke Bosnjak, Michael Eliran, Steen Schmidt, Ben Wise, Shep Pettibone, Sin Morera, Chris Andrews, Tom Spahn, Joel Diamond, Curt Frasca, Ben Austin, Anthony “AntKnee” D’Erasmo, Rob Bailey, David Sokol, Brian Banks, John Sullivan (RIP), David Bashaw, Tom O’Hagan, David Lansbury, Madonna, Denis Abramowitz, Eric Rehl, P. Dennis Mitchel, Audrey Martel, Tommy Niblack, Chris Bartelli, Welcome Bienvenue, MCS, Russ Ingram, Daniel Abraham, Charlene Ava, Jim “Bonzai” Caruso, Wally Spear, Charlie, TJ, Frankie “Feets”, John Lynch, Dave Kim, Francisco, Peter, Keith, Mary, Paretz, Dave, Tarik Boone, John “Scrapper” Sneider, Brian Gocher, Scott French, John Sigmon, Adam Sands, Randy Frisch, Daniel Newman, Matt Filler, John White, Doug Dahl, Mark and Melanie Newell, Robert Gladding, Andrew McKinnon, Richard Millard, Don, Jack Orr (RIP), Keith Hertell (RIP), Christhian Acosta, Ben Musser, Patti Rothberg, Anwar Sawyer, Quinton Davis, Dwight Goodman, Jeromy Darling, Jax, Tony Drootin, Justin Havlik, Tom Burbank, David Caggiano, Sean French, The Carneys, Nia and Jon Eisman, Paul Cote, Chris Phillips, Chris Daniel, David Carden, David Kahne, Blaine, Jacob, Roscoe, RJ, Spamps, Nick Fowler, Artie Levine, Alan Friedman, George Laks, Russ Irwin, Rich Melsky, Frank Sims, Kyle Gordon, Tawatha Agee, Lizzie Moncrief, Tamar Haviv, Malcolm And Cindy Holcombe, Loris Holland, Jared Hunter, Lloyd Landesman, AJ Kierans, David Brinker, Max and Lisa King, Danny Koch, Scott Zacarolli, Caroline Shaw, Watt White, Pinky Turzo, Paul Rhim, Tyler Swafford, Francois Kevorkian, Harris Silver, Yoed Nir, David and Terri Passick, Michael McHale, John Mopper, Rebecca Mehlman, Eric Lemonides.

This list will continue.

As all of these names come to mind and this list becomes longer and longer, I realize how truly fortunate my life has been.  Some of those on this list I have unfortunately lost touch with (I couldn’t even find them on Facebook or Google) Some I talk to weekly even daily. ALL have contributed to my life and or my carreer, helped shaped who I am, who I am becoming and helped me accept me for me.  I only hope that I have given back to them some small part of what they have given me. 

 To each and every single person on this list, THANK YOU!! For making my life better.
With Gratitude and Humility.